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Since 1992 I have visited France more and more until in 2002 my family purchased a property near Chateauroux. And now in 2005 we are living here permanently. This web site is here to show you what we have done in the time we have had the property, tips on what you could do in similar circumstances and to show what we can offer if you would like us to work for you. I use the word us instead of me as the work carried out on our house involves all of us


The first section were taken when we viewed the property in August 2002.

A little over grown but my family and I were up for the challenge, the next page will show what is possible in 4 days. Do not be misled by the size of the property there is 90m 2 of habitable space: two up two down.

The last 3 pictures show the out buildings some 100m 2 of floor space with loads of potential. With a lot of hard work we should be able to make this into the main dwelling in years to come.


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If you would like any information on what you have seen on this web site please feel free to contact us at a reasonable hour.

Telephone:06 68 72 80 23

FAX France 0033 2 72 68 57 98 . FAX UK 0044 8707622491

Postal address: La Boutellerie, 36140 Aigurande France

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